Monday, April 24, 2006


We have been up in Duluth, having a wonderful time on the shore. Kim and Nathan reserved a room right on the lakeshore, and we spent the weekend exploring.

We watched two vessels go through the canal. I had to laugh at myself on the first one, it was 1,004 feet long. I had every intention of taking pictures of it as it went through. It was HUGE. After it went by, I realized that the camera was in my hand, and I hadn't taken a single shot. sigh The next one was smaller, and I STILL didn't take photos. It was fun watching the drawbridge go up, it is an arial lift bridge -- the road lifts 138 feet (they announced it) instead of the two parts going up.

Kim and Nathan like to collect sea glass, this was an excellent weekend for that. We came back with an 8 ounce beverage bottle filled pieces of all sizes that we collected this weekend. Yesterday afternoon Kim and Howard (Nathan had to leave to go back to work) went out with the bottle about half filled, with the laughing comment that they were going to fill it. 3 hours later they came back in laughing victoriously, chilled, with a filled bottle. It seems that each time one of them was ready to call it quits, the other was busy. So, they kept going until they filled it.

Today Kim is in orientation for the University of Minnesota Duluth for her grad program. We are at the Barnes and Noble in the mall in Duluth, reading (and obviously on the internet!)

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