Friday, April 28, 2006

Oh for Heaven's Sake!

And just to prove my brain is not functioning, I show you the vest I've been working on. That is going to be frogged today. At 9 stitches and 13.5 rows an inch, this is painful. First of all, the gauge changed, the swatch was 8 stitches an inch, so it would have to be frogged anyway. But the BIG problem? The one that says, "yoo-hoo, anyone home in there?" I did the math for the half tuxedo points in front, and didn't do it right. I don't know where the brain was, but it wasn't home that day.

I was knitting along yesterday, knowing I just had a few more increases to go to be up to the right number for the whole body. Then all I need to do is knit back and forth until the underarm. Measured the thing. It seemed a bit narrow. Decided to count the front stitches to check. Good thing I did, I was 20 stitches short on both sides. There was a stunned moment of disbelief. I checked several times, but that is what is wrong. Somewhere, I thoroughly miscalculated. snivel. Took it off the circular, and placed it gently back in the bag to frog using the ball winder when we got home.

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