Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Miscellaneous Thoughts

Way back in 2003 I knit a shell for myself, I found the yarn at Romni in Toronto. I'm not quite sure when I bought it, at that time I wasn't keeping a spreadsheet on my yarn. It was knit in Butterfly Cotton in a periwinkle color. Knit in King Charles Brocade with a tie neck and gussets. But, I really overstimated the size I needed to go over the hips, the gussets to go over my hips weren't necessary. I've just never been happy with it. I had two options that I could see -- frog it and start over or sew new seams and cut off the excess fabric.

Last night I came to an abrupt decision, instead of waffling about it. I started frogging it. This is going to be a bit slow to frog, the yarn is sticking to itself slightly. I am telling myself that this way I'm getting the pleasure of knitting it twice. I love the Butterfly Cotton, and am really curious as to why it isn't available everywhere! You can see the fantastic stitch definition I got from it!

Some time ago my cousin sent me a picture of her wearing the vest I made for her last June. I got permission from her to post the picture here, yet didn't post it. So, here is Nancy wearing the vest I made. I originally designed the pattern for my Mom, Nancy liked it enough that she asked for one for her own. This is made from Halcyon Yarn's Block Island Blend 35% hemp, 35% cotton and 30% rayon. Mom wanted her vest to zip close, Nancy wanted hers to remain open, so that is what she got. Nancy is a dear, and she really truly looks so much more like my Mom's daughter than my sister and I do! So it is really appropriate that she have a vest that looks like Mom's, isn't it! I really need to take a picture of Mom in her vest, perhaps I'll post both pictures together so you can see the resemblance!

A couple of weeks ago I witnessed a man beating a woman. This has been really difficult for me to deal with. In case you are wondering, I did call the police. It has affected me profoundly. Right now I'm having trust issues toward most men. Thank God that isn't a situation that I deal with at home, and I trust Howard not to BECOME that type of person! But how many people around me are being abused? How many spouses (I know there are women that abuse their spouse as well) believe it is really their fault instead of the abuser? I know that it happened in my extended family, and the ramifications went throughout the whole family. I know that it happens much more than is reported. And it makes me angry. Unfortunately, there is a part of me that is frightened as well. That is going to take time to get over it. I want to protect those I know, and I can't! Damn it!


AlisonH said...

Your cousin's vest is wonderful, and so is her smile.

I once had an eye doctor cauterize where an eyelash had been growing straight into my eye, so it wouldn't come back. It left me with a black eye that lasted several weeks. One day a woman I had never met before asked me carefully if everything was all right at home?... I told her it was, explained the source, but also told her that, having a high school friend who'd been a classic abused woman in the past, I was so grateful that she'd spoken up. Thank you!

I wanted her to be willing to ask the next woman, too.

FugueStateKnits said...

So happy that you did the right thing! I used to represent victims/survivors of domestic violence in the past and good neighbors like you often made the difference between recovery and death! So thank you!!!!