Monday, April 23, 2007


Today is Monday. That is probably enough description for a lot of us!

When we headed off to Duluth, I brought along 6 skeins of sock yarn, just in case I needed it. Sadly, even though I had gotten this far on the first pair by the time we got home, neither sock has grown very much. I did get almost a complete heel done this week, and have tinked it back because I didn't like it. The yarn is Wildfoote by Brown Sheep in color Mums. There is a ply of chocolate brown, a ply of rust and a ply of tan. The pattern is my own, I was trying to remember the stitch pattern in the Blueberry Waffle Sock while away from the computer and came up with a 5 row repeat over 6 stitches. Let me think, I learned to knit socks from Joan Hamer's Woolease socks which she posted to the KnitList in 95. In the years since that fateful posting (grin), I've knit 96.5 pairs of socks, not including the pair on the needles now. The Blueberry Waffle Socks were a popular pattern in 98, when they were posted. There was a mad rush to knit them. Oddly enough for me, I even knit them in a purple/blue llama/wool Classic Elite yarn! I still have them, they are heavy socks for when my feet are cold. Wonderful, but too thick for my clogs.

Dentist today for a filling on a tooth that hurts. While I was not happy to have to have it done, I also thought, as 4 hands seemingly were in my mouth at the same time, how grateful I am to be living in an age of dentistry, instead of the centuries where the only thing that was done to teeth was to extract them, and not painlessly either!


tasha. said...

96.5 pair of socks?! Holy cow. I cannot even fathom 96.5 finished objects. I am so impressed.

(Any personally, I'd be perfectly happy if weeks just skipped ahead to Tuesdays.)

Crow Calling Woman said...

Thanks for the nice comments on my blog Fiber Fanatic!! I've hidden comments for now as I have one lady posting nasty and harrassing messages to random posts. I've reported her account to blogger and now the long wait for something to be done about it. Wonderful people out there. Just peachy. Can't let off a little steam for the mongers.