Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday Cheers

Today I’m grateful for:
1. Pending vacation. Time with Howard, Nathan and Kim to play, walk along the beach (if it is warm enough) and enjoy time together.
2. The gift of quick and relatively inexpensive communication. I remember when we were first married how badly I wanted to call home, but couldn’t afford it. Now with monthly payment plans that have gone down so much in price over the years, I can talk with distant family members if I so desire. I would write family members weekly when we were first married. Or, honestly, I TRIED to do it. Didn’t always happen.
3. The gift of transportation. It isn’t that many generations ago that if one moved out of state or country away from your family, there was a good possibility you would never see them again. How sad that seems.
4. The gift of the internet. Through that I can keep in contact with people around the world and learn many things. It is amazing how close you become to people!
5. That no one’s cats or dog in our larger family seem to have been affected by the pet food problem.

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