Saturday, April 28, 2007


It is a gorgeous day today, after all the rain (downpour, deluge -- we got close to 4 inches in 2 days!) earlier this week. The sun was shining, the grass was green (one of the neighbors mowed his lawn), the birds were all over the bird feeders, the squirrels were at one of the bird feeders despite all Howard has done to try to stop them (grin), the screen doors were open to let in the fresh air. All in all, a beautiful day!

Today should be about spring cleaning, about making room for the kids when they get here next weekend. So what am I doing? Thinking about a new knitting project! I want to start something new. With 2 projects on the needles right now (the scrawl or shrug and a pair of socks) I really shouldn't. I should finish what I have going. That way leads to UFOs, which I really don't like. I think the best thing is to finish at least one of my projects, then I can go on to something new.

Ther periwinkle top has been reduced to yarn. I was feeling rather smug when I got started frogging, thinking that the last time I hadn't known about the Russian join, and so could employ it this time around. Imagine my surprise to find that I had used it! LOL I'm thinking of a simple shell (perhaps cap or short sleeves) with waist shaping that will be much closer to my size, instead of hanging away from my body, adding many visual pounds. I could use the same stitch pattern, as it is bautiful. I may not, as it will be difficult to keep the pattern through waist shaping and bust darts. I'll have to decide after I do a gauge swatch. I will not put in the gussets, though. It dawned on me, after it was totally frogged, that I could have pulled a gauge swatch from it. Except that I may not have the pattern I created any longer, so won't know the needle size. Another look and see. Not a worry.

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