Saturday, February 23, 2008

The face of knitting

When I started knitting, the options seemed to be:
1. fiber -- wool, cotton, angora, mohair and fibers we'd now count as acrylics;
2. weight -- worsted, sport, baby
3. cost -- can I afford to make that?
4. availability -- can I find it locally?

Now I see people have many other concerns:
1. What is the carbon footprint of the yarn?
2. How were the animals treated whose fibers make up the yarn?
3. How green is the yarn?
3a. Is the yarn as bio-friendly as implied?

Most of us don't worry as to whether we can find it locally, the internet makes it possible to order from around the world. All we need to do is a Google search, then off we go.

Cost is still a factor for most of us. We knit because we enjoy it, not because of any illusion that we are going to have something cheaper than can be purchased at the local discount store.

Weights now vary from laceweight (many different sizes) up to super bulky. Knitters choice.

The choices in fibers have grown too.

I want to knit a ... (fill in the object of your choice) is not always a simple matter any more. Each knitter chooses what is important and buys what seems right at that time.

I'm glad for the options available.

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