Monday, February 18, 2008

Sorry Bill

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We didn't have a shower in the house until we had lived in Utah for a few years. Mom and Dad had one installed in the basement. During that period of time they seem to have been installed in a lot of laundry rooms instead of bathrooms, just as this one was. The house didn't have a lot of water pressure. It was really easy to annoy the person in the shower by turning on hot water upstairs. So convenient if they had annoyed you... Actually there was a perverse joy in listening to my brother bellow to turn off the hot water. I don't remember doing it to Annette and wouldn't have done it to my parents. But I do remember doing it to Bill. This photo from brings it all back.

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AlisonH said...

I love The house I grew up in wasn't quite as well set up as that for annoying one's brother; my thing was practicing piano. Watching TV vs practicing piano and being loud and annoying, Mom always always backed up the practicing and dissed the TV. And I could play really loud, and you can't just move a piano to a different room. Heh.