Monday, February 04, 2008

Knitting pics

Here is Justin wearing his sweater. I knew it was going to be huge on him, but he agreed with just a little fuss to model it for us. I think he looks darling in it. This is my version of Hanne Falkenberg's Tutti-Frutti knit with 2 strands of 3 ply Kroy sock yarn held together for each color. This way it is machine wash and dryable. I think that is necessary for any baby knitting. It is wool, but easy care for busy families.

Finally a picture of the Rogue being worn. Serena had a bad cold all weekend, and the picture wasn't flattering. So I cropped it to show just the sweater. It has been worn for a while, yet it isn't pilling. Another plus for the yarn (as well as the fact that it is so warm!) This is the merino/possum/nylon yarn from Supreme Possum in Ecology Green that I ordered from New Zealand. Absolutely yummy stuff to knit with!


Serena said...

Thank you for cropping my face out. I know what I felt like that day, and I'm pretty positive it would not have been attractive. Sweater looks good!

Carol said...

Both sweaters look great Mary!