Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've still not finished this little double-breasted sweater for Justin. Murphy's Law seems to be ahead right now.

First decision was to skip buttonholes, as I figured odd-shaped buttons = bad idea for a toddler.

So I sewed in large snaps. I must have been distracted on the first snap, as the second half was in backwards, so it wouldn't close. The sweater fabric wasn't heavy enough to part the snaps (found that out after they were attached.)

Next I sewed in snap tape. First time through the white of the tape showed up and down the edge. Fixed that.

Then I realized that the sweater is heavy enough that you really can't feel to close these small snaps under the sweater fabric.

Last night I decided to make this into a pullover! Sewed one button and whipped the two front neck edges together.

Today I thought about taking last night's progress out and making another change. I'm afraid that if I do, this poor sweater will continue to be modified and modified, never fixed. EEK!

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