Tuesday, February 12, 2008


You know it has been cold for a while when you drive by the bank, the thermometer says 10*F (-12* C) and you think, "My it's warm today." It took me 2 blocks to realize that my brain has been skewed by all of this frigid weather!

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Lorib2mo said...

Ladies, (I am writing to several of my favorite bloggers)

I've read and enjoyed your blogs, knitting stories, and your writing for years now and I am writing with a dilemma that I hope one of you creative people can help me solve.
You see I have a STASH - a yarn harlot quality stash, A mermaid ARIEL stash. You want gadgets and gizmos? Books, I have hundreds, - Glorious piles of potential and color and texture, and joy. I am a fiber fiend. And boy, am I indulged.
Unfortunately, I also have, as of Feb 1st, Stage 4 advanced breast cancer. And now that some of the immediacy has passed, I looked around and realized that my family is not going to get the whole compulsion. It is kind of nuts. And they are going to have to deal with all of it. So I want to find a good home for all of it -
I picture a group of women descending; hopefully laugh about it, glorying in the abundance and scampering off with all the toys to a good home. But how to make that happen?
Because the family will shake their heads and have to bundle it up to Good Will or something - "What was she thinking?", "Well, there was a brain tumor." We all get that it was lust, pure and simple and all that glorious potential but the non-fiber among us…..
Do you think you can help me find somebody? You are connected to so many and I would like this to be a good thing. God, It was fun!
I live in NW MO - so I hope you can help. Lori