Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was sitting in the hall today, knitting with another lady that lives in the building. Over the years, people have brought lawn chairs to this end of the hall, so people can sit and chat, while enjoying the sunshine (when there is such a thing!) and looking outside. She had been so sure that she wasn't able to knit, because her hands shake. She was finishing her second dishcloth today. Yay!

I heard a crack as I sat in my chair. It was one of a pair we purchased in NY. The chairs were very comfortable. But, as I sat there, there was suddenly a second crack and I was sitting flat on the floor! Not sure how the arm brace breaking would cause that, but it certainly did! I tossed both chairs out. It was questioned as to why I'd throw the second, whole chair. My thought process (if I actually can be said to have one!) was that if one broke, the second was probably not far behind from doing the same. I really do NOT want to be responsible for one of the residents of the building being hurt because of a chair collapse!

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