Friday, November 12, 2010


Two months ago repairs were done to our apartment, involving a plumber and a roofer. The plumber was supposed to also fix our shower, but, despite having a month lead time, hadn't ordered the shower part. Hm, a month's notice and didn't get the part ordered. This morning the building maintenance man told me that the plumber was going to come by, if he had the shower part. He told the maintenance man that he wasn't sure it was in stock, he may have to order it. Now, do you blame me that I didn't believe it? I went ahead and showered, I didn't wait for him to arrive. No, he didn't arrive. I have a difficult time accepting that after 3 months the man has not been able to order/keep in stock the piece to repair our shower. I'm not sure that even if the appointment is made for the repairs, that I will actually believe that the repair is going to be made. Cynical, aren't I! In this economy he can afford to blow off repair jobs?

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