Saturday, November 27, 2010


I have complained about the back burners on our stove not working since we moved in. Supposedly someone came and said that they work, but are slow. I tried an experiment today. I put the right back burner on high, put a pan with boiling water on, and waited. 2 hours later, it was cool enough I could put my finger in and leave it in (remember I gave the stupid thing a head start -- it was started with BOILING water.) I tried changing it to the next level down on the burner. An hour later it is a bit warmer. How is anyone supposed to cook on this!

Next experiment will be with the left-hand burner. I'll update here. sigh

ETA Half an hour later and the left hand burner is not hot. I'd say that whoever looked at the stove was a tremendous optimist. I know that we live in a people with older people, many of whom no longer cook. But I do. May I please have a working stove? As in, 4 burners working?

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