Sunday, October 07, 2012


I knit a sweater in 2006 (my Mermaid.)  I've worn it a lot since.  As is the truth with most things you've had for a while, I see the problems.  The fact that I made the collar as the pattern says, instead of changing it as I did later.  That the wool is pilling.  That I need to sew up one place on a sleeve. 

At the time, Kim and Serena both liked it enough to ask for one.  That Christmas they each got a Mermaid, in reverse colors.  Both cream, light and medium blue.  But not exactly the same. 

The other night I took mine to knitting, because I knew I would need a sweater, it is turning cool here.  So many people commented on it!  They didn't see the problems, they saw the positives. 

My good friend commented that it must have been an older sweater because it was crumpled in the car.  When we knit a new sweater, we tend to treat it more carefully.  Then, as we've had it for a while, we start being less careful.  I had done that with this sweater.  Too bad, because it still deserves care and respect from me.  Not too bad for a sweater knit 6 years ago -- I finished it 6 years ago this month!

Somewhere in storage I have enough yarn to knit this sweater again.  I have now realized that the colors I bought aren't the best on me.  So I haven't worried about getting them out of storage to knit it.  I will knit this again -- it is such a flattering sweater!

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Karin said...

I love the mermaid design, I have always wanted one. Of course the price of the kit is now way too high for me...sigh. I am glad you have one I am sure it is fabulous!
You are right abou the caring for those "older" sweaters. :)