Thursday, October 04, 2012


I don't remember who said "plans are made to be changed" but it certainly fits my life right now!  I'm not usually one to just "go with the flow" but that seems to be the attitude I am supposed to be learning. 

Two days in a row I've had the day planned out before me.  Both days the plans abruptly were changed.  That's all right.  Deep breath.  I can do this.  grin

There are sparrows in the two tall evergreens across the parking lot.  They have entertained me all summer with their constant chirping, chasing one another from branch to branch and their flights around the building.  They have also been the reason to wash the car from time to time...  They are quieter now, I didn't think they migrated, but I don't see or hear nearly as many.

There are flocks of birds winging around.  They settle on the power lines, waiting until the precise moment to take off south.  It started with just a bird or two, then five, then 11 then more and more. 

The trees are mostly a gorgeous golden.  Not so many reds from maples this year.  Bill and I drove along one highway and it was just beautiful.  He doesn't get the same color changes in more moderate temperature Boise.  I made him pause to just take it in.  It is so easy to just drive by, forgetting to SEE the beauty around us!

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