Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My Brother/Oddments

My brother and I have fought most of my life.  At least since I was 12.  I don't remember a time when we didn't.  One of us would say something, the other would flare up and away we'd go.  I know that for me it became painful.  If I knew we were to get together I'd stress over it.

He came to visit this past week.  I was almost sick with dread by the time he got here.  I was also angry for his timing.  Honestly, I was LOOKING for things to be mad at him about, just to be ready for the attacks that I was sure were coming. 

And yet.  For the first time since I was so young, we didn't fight.  We were able to talk like adults, sharing various things in our lives, the good and the bad.  We talked as if we actually could be friends!  We laughed, we remembered, we shared.  I found that he could be gentle!

He left yesterday, and I will confess to some tears after we parted.  His health isn't that great, there isn't any guarantee that we'll see each other again.  But even more, I cried for the fact that we hadn't been able to be friends for these last almost 48 years. 

Today has been an annoying day.  I've been making hats for sailors from a yarn that was donated to be knit up for that cause.  Problem is that EVERY review says that these hats are going to felt as soon as they are washed, unless they are handwashed.  I wonder, should I just include a note to the recipient to wear them until they are filthy then to put them on the floor of the shower the next time they shower (and step on it repeatedly as they shower) and then wring it out and put it aside to dry OR to throw it out when it is filthy.  I suppose I could offer to knit a new hat when that one has lived out its useful life!  I don't like sending hats that are going to be ruined when washed!

I've been working on a sock made from 3 colors.  The third color I started with didn't work.  Frogged 4 rows and started again.  I like it better, but it would have been nice not to have had to reknit that! 

Then the lid of my tea came off and it fell on the external port device for my computer.  grrr  It doesn't work any more.  I haven't tried the speakers that were on the floor.  I suspect because I really don't want to know!  I will be really pissed annoyed if I've messed them up too!  I was going to meet up with someone for the first time, she is sick and I don't need to catch it.  Time to sit back, drink a mug of tea (with the lid FIRMLY attached) and let it all go.

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