Sunday, March 06, 2005


Silliness alert, I'm rambling here! No fiber content at all!

Aging is NOT for the faint of heart. The headache returned, so I've spent nearly the entire day in a dark room. But, it DOES do wonders for my diet! Who WANTS to eat! Not me!

But then, I think of my Dad, who walked at 5 K race last summer at the age of 90. Go Dad! Worse, he was at 7,000 feet altitude! That is one guy who has embraced the challenge of aging. Think I can do any less? Nah. No chance! Not the race walking. But the challenge to age as well as possible -- THAT I'm responding! Ya know the wrinkles (not many, but still) and the grey hairs (growing in number!) were EARNED! Why pretend that I'm the same generation as my adult children.

Hm, do you think the fact that I CAN'T color my hair because of allergies has anything to do with that attitude? Perhaps.

I do wish, however, that Dad had not bequeathed his eyebrows. As Dad has aged, his eyebrows have become curlier. And suddenly, the eyebrows on MY innocent head have started curling. Now eyelashes, I can understand. But WHY are the only hairs on my head that curl have to be restricted to the very ones I do NOT want to do so?

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