Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I truly really am seeing the agony of defeat on doll house painting. Also why some people suggest spray paint. It seems I have spent more time painting this than anything else! And, no matter how careful I try to be, it seems that one coat means another coat for the OTHER side. Sigh Suggestions? Right now, I seem to be collecting bits of Styrofoam that cling to the pieces, and take off the paint when removed. I thought about using my huge baking rack (this thing is too big to call it a cake rack!) but it should then be removed from culinary use. With all the bits that need to be painted white, there is a strong temptation to go buy a can or two of white gloss spray paint, and do it on the back porch. Dry, turn over, do it again, and then check for damages. Anyone see anything wrong with that?

Going to see a neuro in a couple of weeks, to try to determine what is causing these headaches. As Howard wrote to his family, "She had a headache yesterday, but not as intense as it has been, still by her gauge, it is bad - she isn't knitting." And that is the story of this last month -- she isn't knitting. Or spinning. Cleaning lasted one day. Thank God for Books!

As knitting is my lifeline to sanity, we can all wonder what not knitting is doing to that precious commodity. Not a good thought, eh? Frightening, almost!

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