Thursday, March 24, 2005

stupid migraine

the migraine is still ahead on points. It is interesting, I've never been aware of my head for such a long period of time! Right now, some of the frustrating variations are:
sounds -- the lobes of the brain vibrate to certain sounds, such as a voice, the train whistle, music, the stupid beep of a truck backing up... any number of sounds;
light-- I've never really been as aware of lights before, but the small blue light on the air purifier is enough to send me over the edge during the night! How about turning on the cell phone with the blue light! HAH! Then there is that cheerful friend sunlight. I think I'll become nocturnal!

The good news is the pain is diminishing. I am slowly building up the medicine that is supposed to help. Maybe I can knit soon! Or work on the dollhouse!

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