Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Sorry about that, it is hard to post when there is nothing to say! Today is a great day with the headache, new medicine that helps me feel as if I'll live! Yesterday I did try to knit, my fingers couldn't cast on well, and once I did, I couldn't figure out how to rib. Such is life, I'll survive it.

I'm going to try to knit something really easy soon, and see if I can accomplish it. Otherwise, it is back to reading, I guess.

The dollhouse roof is almost all on, I plan to ask for help this evening to get the last bits glued down. Then it is on to the next stage -- painting all the places that got missed before, and the trim that hasn't been painted yet. Pictures maybe tomorrow. A dollhouse is similar to any other hobby, you can pour money down it effortlessly!

Did laugh at myself yesterday, when I finish a knitted project, I tend to dump all of the double point needles in a basket, awaiting the profound moment of "putting things away", and the circulars usually hang on a lamp. I needed a set of dp's for a project, and started rummaging. I knew I needed 4 or 5s. In the first rummage, I chose 3 size 4s and 1 size 5. From looking at it! You know you've knit a LONG TIME when you do that!

Spring may come, eventually! Wouldn't that be a surprise!

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Yea progress on the dollhouse..!