Friday, March 25, 2005


I forgot to post about last week's knitting class. There were 15 of us there! Kay, who is NOT a new knitter, came to help out, bless her! Boy, did I appreciate her! Three people had the sad event of twisting when joining their knitting in the round, and had to rip back to repair it. One woman, finished her scarf. Now on to her sweater!

Another found that it was much easier to knit by putting her yarn in the hood of her sweatshirt, and walking around the room. At first she tried dragging the yarn ball behind, but the hood was much less complicated.

One nearly completed sweater, which the maker has decided is much too scratchy (Lopi) is going to become several felted bags, after the addition of some fake fur for fun.

The migraine medicine wore off just before the end of class, so everyone cheerfully said goodbye and left, promising to be back in 2 weeks.

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