Thursday, March 03, 2005


Please celebrate with me, after 2 weeks of migraine-like problems (no, we don't know if they are migraines yet!) my headache stopped yesterday! Whee! So, in my normal strange fashion, I decided to clean the FIBER ROOM! EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!

I had great plans yesterday to knit. Didn't happen. Well, actually, I got about 4 rows done on the Pi. But not what I'd planned to do. And the fiber room doesn't look neat yet either. NeatER, but there is still this pile on the floor of stuff that needs a different place to go. Some of it is yarn that has sat in the stash long enough to be collecting social security -- I made one thing of it, and that's it. hm. different dye lots, so there isn't enough for a sweater.......

Oh well, when accomplished, I will see how long it takes before I mess it up again!

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