Friday, August 05, 2005

Rejoice with Us!

Look and see! No SLING! After almost 7 weeks with his right arm in his sling, he's been liberated! WOW! He still has a long way to go, but what a wonderful gift that was for both of us! Probably a lot more for him than for me, but still!

Amazing how quickly he adapted to life without the sling, giggle. He promptly started eating with his right hand again, and doing things with that hand that the sling had restricted.

On the knitting front, Dora's sweater is to the shoulders. I'll bind them off first thing in the morning, then start the sleeves. Of course, then it is on to the edging, which will take a while. But, it is moving along quite nicely! Realized to my surprise (Doh! moment!) that I'd forgotten to ask Gerra about her knitted request, so will have to be calling her. I refuse to leave family members out!

"Poor" son Nathan is going fishing at 2:30 in the morning. If I wake up at that time, I'll think of him. Otherwise, I'll call Sunday and find out how he did. I don't get up that early for fishing. LOL


Anonymous said...


Yea Howard! Two handed once again.


Anonymous said...

Howard may be happy to get out of the sling, but he doesn't look too happy about your snapping his picture! Congrats on the new-found freedom!

Carol in DaBurg