Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wierd Day

Migraine Hangover and it still won't go all the way away today. Is it olive oil, or the fact that it wasn't organic olive oil. Or -- gee -- the fact that perhaps it was slightly stale? We did isolate the olive oil, though. Whatever, it sure has done a number on my thought processes! Hit with a bang last night, and I've slogged through molasses all day today to think. Whatever pretense of that I've done today. Sorry all of you who have come in contact with me! I know it is bad when I don't make sense to ME!

Tomorrow the parsonage is being checked for needed repairs. Should be interesting, as some of the last minute things I had planned to do today didn't get done. Oh well. My fiber room looks as if an explosion hit it, according to someone who dropped by Friday. I didn't tell him that it looks a lot better than it did earlier in the week, BEFORE I did a major clear-out of a lot of papers! Many magazines and books are now back in their places too. It is now down to those odd things that just don't know where they belong.

We have fresh tomatoes on our plants outside. They have started producing just enough that we each get a few cherry tomatoes for dinner each night. Yum! Some of the big ones should ripen this week. That will be a big treat! Tabouleh!

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