Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Warning: Shameless Bragging Ahead!

Some things I've never had much of a forum to show off! So, I'm doing it here!

These are the wedding stockings I designed and knit for Antina's US Civil War Wedding Serena's Senior Year at Beloit. The lace pattern is period for the time, the yarn is a wool/silk (Zephyr). I used 4/0 needles for the sole of the foot, and 0s for the legs and the top of the foot. Many adventures were had, knitting these! Do NOT knit in your nightgown with needles that are sharp enough to be considered weapons, drop one needle in your lap, and then stand up! Grievous bodily harm will result! Ask me how I know! And Howard laughed.

This is a Christening Gown for my friend Julie's grand-daughter Rachael. I used the finer than cobweb weight silk/wool that Jaggerspun produced as an experiment, unfortunately discontinued. The BUTTONS weigh more than the gown itself! The pattern is from "Shetland Lace" by Gladys Amedro.

One of my rare forays into Fair Isle knitting, Lucy Neatby's pattern, Shelridge Farms kit, I fell in love with this at Maryland Sheep and Wool several years ago. I bought it, and then it sat in my stash, daring me to knit it. In the process, I decided that I did NOT like the Philosopher's Wool method of knitting Fair Isle. I prefer stranding the other way.

Dianne's Sleeves in Your Pi. This is the first one I did. I think. Dianne is my knit buddy from way back. She had the yarn spun up from some of the fleeces she had purchased. It doesn't block as large as I'd like, but it looks really good on her, I think!

And finally, a really good (if bad color representation) of Serena's graduation sweater. Now you can really see what I'm making again.


Joni said...

Amazing. I've only dreamed of making stockings like those. Okay, I've bought yarn and needles and never actually spent the time to knit them. [Socks] off to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Gorgeous. Wow.

Countess Snuggles Like Spoons said...

Prior to seeing those stockings, I only THOUGHT you were nuts.....you've just confirmed it! Nice work, really really nice work.

ombren said...

You deserve to shamelessly brag! Your work is always lovely. I thought of you this weekend while at Ren Fest, seeing some of the outfits and such. It reminds me that I need to pick up my needles again!