Monday, August 29, 2005


This has not been one of my better weeks. I've developed shingles. Feels as if the skin has sustained a burn, and is seriously annoyed with me. ANYTHING touching it hurts. Sleep is difficult, don't move or I wake myself up. The trip this weekend to Bloomington IN is off as well.

D^ora's sweater is in the mail to her, hopefully Larry can get a good picture of her wearing it (thus admitting _I_ didn't get a good shot of it before it left here!) that I can put here. I'm somewhat amazed that despite heavy pain meds I was able to knit on it. Howard says he isn't, there is such a thing as being stubborn. Whatever, it was finished this morning, and as he was going to the post office this afternoon, I popped it in a box to mail off. THEN I thought about pictures.

Our nephew is being posted to Iraq. To support him, and the guys he will be working with, Serena and I are going to start knitting helmet liners. A box of yarn arrived today, and some of it promptly went on to Serena's. Each stitch will carry a prayer for safety. Sometimes, in the face of big events, we feel helpless. This is our way of seeking to find a way to harness our worry.

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Joni said...

I hope your shingles are better soon! I'll pray for you to feel well quickly, and that you can enjoy your knitting now too.