Tuesday, September 13, 2005

and the days turn toward autumn

Wow! We had two storms blow through today, almost two inches of rain between them. It became dark enough both times to seem to be night in the house. It was nice, because Howard was home during the second storm, we sat in the living room, and read quietly, while thunder boomed overhead, and rain pummeled the windows. Of course, it would have been VERY uncomfortable if we had to be out in it (and Howard had to for the first storm -- he waited it out and then walked home.)

The heat had been less, but the storm broke the heat even more, which makes me start thinking of fall and the coming of winter. How are the people who have moved here from New Orleans going to to handle the cold of winter? It is something to be experienced, not described. Already the talk is that we must keep our houses cooler this winter, to conserve energy. Joy. Lots and lots of hot tea all winter long, to keep the insides warm, while layers and layers outside. Heavy socks anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hot chocolate and the warmth of good people.

Serena said...

It was cold enough here, I could see my breath when I went out to get the mail after work. Apparently, it frosted overnight; I don't remember seeing that this morning.