Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Wreath of Helmet Liners?

This is what is going in the mail tomorrow -- a pinwheel of them! They aren't colorful, but I could have SWORN that Sandy's friend sent two grey ones, and spend some time yesterday searching the house for the second one. Finally counted, and had them all. sigh They are NOT models of loveliness, but they represent warmth and caring. That is 18 more who will be warm this winter.

Derek shipped out yesterday. Shirley stopped by today for yarn to make at least one while taking her husband for treatment next week. It felt like a hug.


Serena said...

Yah! Go Mom! I'll start knitting this weekend.

Tutelary Parts said...

So are all of these helmet liners for 18 different people, or for one person on 18 different days? I am confused on the defination of a helmet liner to begin with, although Google can take care of that pretty quick.

fiberfanatic said...

They are for the soldiers who are sent over with inadequate cold weather gear. Instead of contracting warmer ones, they have asked volunteers to knit them, using our own materials, and we get to pay for postage to the troops as well! Since my nephew has been sent to Iraq, I decided to knit these up to keep a group of them warm. One per person. If you scroll down to the September 3 post, you can see my husband wearing one.