Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Have you ever had a pressure that has been on your back for a long time? That you just can't seem to get rid of? That you finally take steps to eliminate? That's how I feel today. First baby steps taken. Whew. Any journey is full of steps, and Howard and I are taking the first ones together.

On the knitting front, my project is growing. It will soon be done, and I'll be back to things that can be displayed here. It is nice to be able to show off progress.

Last Thursday was the first day of Autumn, and we may get our first frost tonight? Sheesh. I am not ready to bring in the plants yet -- as in, the spider plant has grown in the last two years to be HUGE (from a 5 inch pot to this!) We repotted it at the first of the summer, and it decided it liked the idea. I think this is an 18 inch pot. The lovely lavender concrete (at least on my monitor) is compliments of the overcast skies. It isn't actually that color. What a nice idea, though, don't you think? grin The tomatoes are reaching the end of their growing season.

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Serena said...

Go spider plant!