Saturday, September 03, 2005

It is Saturday Morning and the brain hasn't started yet

Some mornings the brain doesn't start well. Today is one. Howard was a sweetheart and brought tea to me, otherwise, my brain may not be functioning at all! LOL

The images of New Orleans are haunting me, as I'm sure they are most people. Knitters are coming together again for the common good at Give a Little This time, for the Red Cross. Donate to the Red Cross, tell Margene and Susan at the the address given on the blog, and other knitters are donating incentives.

I'd also like to remind you that there are other charities that are working their butts off at this time. Many houses of worship/denominations are taking up collections this weekend for the disaster, and will be sending the money directly where it is needed. No administrative fees.

As promised, the pictures of Dôra's jacket. Hm, the back doesn't want to be uploaded. One more try (I've tried several times) and I'll decide you don't want to see it! LOL That's it! You don't want to see it.

Three helmet liners down. Howard is shown "graciously" modeling one of them. My cohort on these couldn't figure out what they looked like from the pattern. Unless I hear otherwise, I'll post a final total when done with the others who have contributed to my totals, and not keep posting my results here.

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