Thursday, September 01, 2005

Helmet Liners

Helmet Liner Number 2 done! It would certainly help if I could do 2 by 2 ribbing mindlessly, but with the medication for shingles (hey, they really are getting better, I'm seeing improvements, but still...) right now. I'm all right with the knit 2, but somehow, I keep finding a purl 3 somewhere in the mix, and have to tink (knit backwards or unknit) back until I fix the error (and it is NEVER just a few stitches!) I'm going to try to con, er, persuade Howard into having his photo taken modeling at least one of them tomorrow, as Serena doesn't have a clue what it is supposed to look like. Serena is in on this grand scheme of outfitting her cousin Derek's group (Howard and my nephew)with helmet liners shortly after he gets to Iraq next month. It would help tremendously if we knew how many were going to BE in his group, but as HE doesn't know, WE don't know. This is called knit/knit/knit/knit. So, tonight I finished number 2, and started #3. I have this sneaking feeling I may be really good at these after a while. The first liner was from leftovers from Do^ra's Jacket. And there is enough left over for at least one more liner.

Do^ra's Jacket arrived today. Good news, she likes it! Whew! That is always a relief! I don't know about anyone else, but I always worry, unless the person is right here for immediate feedback as the item is being made. Otherwise, it is so easy for a disconnect between what I think they want and what they actually want. Not to mention a problem with measuring! Hopefully pictures soon!

Howard made some absolutely wonderful bread today in the machine, blueberry, pecan and oatmeal. Wow! Something to remember! I hope he wrote down what he did, because it is definitely a "recipe to remember!" Not to mention filling the house with a delightful fragrance.


Kim said...

Not use what pattern you are using. I am a novice knitter. I am using the pattern by bonnie on knit wits. I am have a very hard time understanding the decreasing at the sides of the liner. If you have an hints or ideas please send them my way.

Thank you

Kim said...

Sorry my post should have read: Not knowing what pattern you are using. I don't know if you can help me.