Monday, September 19, 2005


Sorry about the delay in posting. I've been trying to knit up helmet liners before some commission knitting gets here. I won't be able to post that, but it was nice to hear compliments about my knitting from another source! Right now I'm up to 13 helmet liners knit, plus 4 that arrived today in the mail from San Diego! I'll finish another tomorrow. I think the helmet liners are a way of praying in the dark, as our nephew Derek heads for Iraq.

Our local church just celebrated its 150th anniversary this past weekend, with many former members and pastors attending to celebrate with them. They all seem to have had a marvellous time.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to your nephew. Helmet liners to somehow make it easier--yes.

Now if I could just knit a magic carpet to get my sister out of Houston. At least her house is on a hill. So many others' aren't.

--Alison Hyde