Thursday, August 17, 2006


I have realized that yarn dominates the house. The only places I haven't found it are the 2 bathrooms and Nathan and Kim's room. I really didn't recognize that it had spread out so far. Do you think it moves by itself? Today I started a box for the "little bit of yarn I have downstairs." Finished that one off, and filled a second! I told Howard that I was surprised that there had been so much, and there was a long pause. Then he said, "I refuse to comment on that statement!" LOL

Here is a photo of the new house. We packed the car today and went over. Kitchen stuff that we can do without until we move, mainly. There was a little spread throughout the rest. We measured all the rooms except the laundry room, so we can discuss placement of furniture. There isn't ROOM for anything else in the laundry room. Well, we did try to figure out if we can easily move the washer and dryer out and put the new ones that are here in. The jury is still out on that. We still plan to do it, but...

Several members of the church have offered trucks or trailers to move our stuff. So hopefully a date will soon be set to move!

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