Friday, August 18, 2006


Boy did we get a surprise last night! About 8 Howard got a call that we are being moved Sunday. Gulp. WHAT? Oh my!

Well we are packing frantically, and hope to have everything ready by Sunday at 1. blink

I've spent the ENTIRE morning packing the fiber room, and it isn't done yet. Soon, I really, really hope! I'm down to the stuff that you have to sort through, to decide whether to keep or not.

Well, I did spend some time on the phone arranging services to be changed to the new house. Phone will be available Monday morning, Internet not until Wednesday morning (WAH!) and tv not until the following Monday. Sad to say I'll miss the internet the most! I'm hoping that Howard's laptop can pick up the signal from the local tower (it can here at this house) and that I can use it several times a day. If not, I'll whine, and have to make do.

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