Friday, August 04, 2006

Yet another pair of socks!

I finished another pair of socks for me yesterday! Since I like to wear them with the purl side out on the foot (and the smooth knit side against the skin where I'm putting pressure on it by walking) I knit them with the foot purl stitch, and the top of the foot in knit stitch. This way, there is a "normal" looking heel and top, but a comfortable foot. It took a bit longer to knit, because I needed to be careful with the change from knit to purl, but I like the way they look and feel.

For a difference, I've started the next pair using a pattern from a book! I'm knitting from Nancy Bush's book, "Knitting Vintage Socks" and am using the pattern for men's hunting socks. I think. Over-the-calf socks with little purl flags on the leg and instep. I'm knitting them with hunter green Kroy from the Paton's outlet in Toronto, yarn that is WELL aged in my stash. I have so much dark colored 3 and 4 ply sock yarn from there! These are mill-ends, so the skeins aren't regularly sized. That's all right, they knit up beautifully. At this point, they are planned for me, unless I decide differently further along. Nice thing about socks, you have such a long time to make the final decision about ownership!

I need to repair a pair (now that I think about it, the ONLY pair that he had that was wearable!) of Howard's over-the-calf, black, 3 ply dress socks. I've knit 2 pairs for him, and I call them Howard's Eternal Socks, because that is how long it takes to knit them! The toes are going out. So, I'll snip a stitch on each foot, take out the toes, and knit the toes again. MUCH better than knitting the sock over again! The other pair needs new feet, and I've avoided them for quite a while now. In fact, probably for 2+ years! I really OUGHT to fix them! I cut those off at the ankle, so I'll have to do the heels and feet again on them. I can do this! Once I find where I safely PUT them. snivel


Joni said...

Your socks look great! What yarn did you use for the most recent pair? I love the colors in the yarn but I can't quite identify it. :) I do that too--knit from a pattern for fun/for a change, because usually I just knit socks from my head.

fiberfanatic said...

Hi Joni!

These are, I think, Regia, from when they first started the 100 gram balls. Not sure, because I wound it into 2 balls some time ago and forgot to write the yarn into my yarn database. Sigh That is SUPPOSED to happen as soon as the yarn is in the house, to prevent surprises such as this. As it is, I had to write it in and out!