Friday, December 03, 2010


I was knitting this morning, not very many rows, and both thumbs and the right forefinger went numb. That, in my book, means STOP IDIOT! I hate days like that!

Winter weather has arrived in Minnesota. Temps have been hovering in the teens (F), with wind chill of 0*F or below. Today through tomorrow we are supposed to receive up to 8 inches. I believe we have already had 2 weeks with snow on the ground. Looks as if it will extend further!

Happy Birthday to DD! Someone at work had a grand-daughter born this morning, I hope she is as wonderful as Serena!

The woman in the building who learned to knit has embraced it whole-heartedly. She doesn't want to purl, but has knit many face-cloths already! She had asked 2 weeks ago if she could get 9 done by the 11th of December, she wasn't sure it was possible. She had 9.5 yesterday! Yay! Someone in the building has accused me of creating a monster. grin What a shame. LOL

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