Monday, December 20, 2010


So, I was looking on my blog today. I had knit a scarf while in Iowa, and was looking to see if I had blogged about it. Maybe I had, but I didn't see the pictures. I remember blocking the scarf, and it was in the house before it was torn down, so I could establish when and where it had been knit from memory. But I don't see, on the blog, what it was. Oddly enough, I can remember where the design CAME from! sigh

ETA, I found the pattern! Later in the blog. Wrong designer! I designed it! I don't know whether to be embarrassed that I remember so poorly or glad that I liked it so well that I wanted to knit it again!

Even worse, I looked at the post for the end of the year in 2004. MOST of the "to do" list for 2005 have NOT been done! Do you realize how embarrassing that is? Here is the list:

  • Serena's replacement graduation sweater (high school) Nope

  • Howard's sweater Done

  • Socks to be kitchenered Nope

  • My Lind Done (and fulled then cut into hotpads/potholders

  • Elsbeth Lavold tunic (back knit up by Dianne on machine, waiting for me) Nope

  • Unst Bridal Shawl Nope yarn given away, pattern sold

  • Princess Line Nope yarn used for other project

Isn't that ... sad? 7 projects on my "to do" list, and I actually did 2. And it was already knit, just needed the seams and hem. sigh Maybe it would be best if I don't plan ahead. That is the only time I did post such a list on the blog. Whew!

Right now I have the following on the needles:

  • sprog 3 baby blanket

  • a pair of socks (both are to the heel)

  • I still have the sweater back that Dianne knit up on her km, but I haven't knit anything up

  • the socks that need kitchenering still need it - they aren't on needles, do they count?

Oh well. Another day. Another try. Maybe if I read what I write occasionally...

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