Friday, December 31, 2010

End of Year totals

So, this is when each of us looks back on the year, good, bad and ugly. It has been a momentous year. Not all good. Not all bad.

Birth of Merridyth Ann - highlight
Moving to Minnesota to be closer to Nathan and his family - highlight
Losing my job - low point

My knitting totals for the year:
Christening Gown 1
Hats 6
Potholders 4
Scarves 3
Scrubbies 4
Sweaters 1 baby
Sweaters 2 child
Washcloth 1
Wristers 2 pair

When I factor in having to move, I didn't do too badly this year! Tonight I'll frog the project that isn't working so it isn't on the needles in 2011. I'll only have projects on the needles that will be finished. Not a bad way to start the year! I'd prefer not to have ANY projects on the needles, so I can start the year with a clean slate, but that ain't gonna happen this year! I refuse to frog the projects that are working, that just aren't done!

I made a concerted effort to pare down the stash. Giving yarn away, using it up. I started the year with 1,118.09 ounces of yarn, or 69.88 pounds. That also translated to 119,464.64 yards of yarn, or 67.88 MILES of yarn. The stash was worth approximately $2,572.17 on January 1, 2010. I purchased 247.16 ounces 16,206 yards.

Currently I have 719.11 ounces or 44.95 pounds of yarn on hand (including the projects on the needles, they don't get to count against the totals until finished.) That is 73,718 yards or 41.885 miles of yarn. Current approximate value of stash is $1,659.61. Not bad! Actually, I'm pretty proud of that!

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