Friday, December 24, 2010


We spent a fantastic day with our family, 8 of us together loving each other. The almost 3 year old Justin had a great time, he opened almost everyone's gifts for them. What was inside wasn't nearly as important as getting the paper off! And he was helping! smile

I think everyone liked their knitted presents. Forgot entirely to take pictures as they were opening them! sigh I should have. Merri looks wonderful wrapped in her 3-generation blanket, knit by great-grandma, grandma, Mommy and a crocheted edge by grandpa. (No, I didn't remember to get a picture of that at all!) Just right! Big Justin and Nathan both seemed to like their hats. Kim and Serena each got kitchen items they had requested. I figure that gave the items the best chance of being what was needed and would be used. Little Justin seemed to at least tolerate his hat, but didn't want it on. Merri kept hers on, didn't seem to notice that it was there.


The most important part, though, was sharing the time together. To be as one. Is this going to be a family tradition? I don't know. What a nice one, though!

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