Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of the year

Today I am taking a hard look at projects on my needles. One of the items on the needles isnot working. It is time to FROG! I'll do something with this yarn at a later date.

I do NOT want anything on the needles that I do not love or that will not be loved by the recipient.

As far as I remember, here are my projects on the needles:
  • a pair of socks for me - one is to the heel, the other is on the heel flap
  • Solo for Serena - about 1/2 of the body is finished - need the other half and 2 sleeves
  • Liquid Silver for Stacey - so close to being finished - just DO IT!
  • Sprog 3 baby blanket
  • Cross-over Rib top for me - going to frog the colors are pooling

I would like to start working on the items that are closest to being finished. That would probably be Liquid Silver, then the socks, then baby blanket and finally Solo.

I have a whole slew of projects that I WANT to start. I don't want to list them, my goal is to knit away happily! Most of the projects are for others, which is fine.

I've been destashing - passing yarns on to others who want/need yarn. If I'm not going to knit it, why is it waiting here?

Here we are in cold Minnesota. And it is raining. Blech. Perhaps elsewhere that would be cause for rejoicing. Here, it is cause for great worry. Because it is supposed to change to freezing rain, and then snow. Which means all of this lovely rain is going to change to ice. Which may, perhaps, last most, if not all ,of the rest of this winter. There are some fragile people in this building. This will mean they are restricted to home until the ice is gone. For some reason, the mood in the building isn't excited. grin

Honestly, I'm not happy about the ice. I remember breaking my wrist on ice. It is 10 miles for Howard to get to work. That is a long stretch of road to be ice covered.

ETA: So, I must be perverse. I made that list above. Decided that to finish Liquid Silver made the most sense. So what did I pick up? The BABY BLANKET! sigh I really do NOT do well with to-do lists.

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