Monday, September 24, 2012


I love libraries.  All of that knowledge, all of those BOOKS!  I ran in today to pick up 2 I had on reserve.  "I'll just glance at one area, I really don't need to check any more out!"  15 minutes later my backpack was so full I had to carry 2 of the books in my hand, they didn't fit!

What is it about the library?  The possibilities?  It isn't as if those books are going to go away.  But I have always wanted to take a lot of books home.

When I was in elementary/junior high school, my sister and I would ride our bikes to the library.  We got really creative on stacking the books in our bike baskets, because we'd tend to take more than we could easily fit in there.  But we always got them home, and got them back to the library too.  There is a joy in a new-to-me book.  "Will I like this one so much that I'll want to buy it so I can read it over and over and over?" 

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