Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last fall we got new cell phones.  We decided to go with the pay as you go, because we really didn't need more than a few calls a month and a few texts. 

I had never realized that there is such a problem with people getting a cell phone, then dropping the coverage but still giving out that number!

I've had school principals call, expecting to speak with a parent.  I've had LOTS of collection agency calls.  I've had friends call.  Just recently I got a Text Message from someone who wanted the former owner of the number to come to the texter's civil ceremony.  The person must have had some sort of business, I've had businesses calling because the number is on the invoice she still gives out!!!!!!!

Howard has been getting calls for a guy, some are collection, most are friends who want to stay in touch.

Supposedly the rules are that the phone company waits 6 months before handing out a phone number again.  It has been 11 months that we've had these numbers.  I understand the time that it takes to make changes, but don't you think these people have had enough time????!!!!!  17 months for you to remember that it isn't your phone any more? 

I feel sorry for the other people involved.  The principal muttered that he had been talking with the former owner of the # just prior, but had to finish another call so the mom handed my phone # out for him to call her back.  Whatever was needed for that child didn't happen THAT day.  After the third time that it happened for that school, there was a note placed in the file that the # the mom gave out wasn't correct.  Poor kid!  How about the friends expecting her to come to their ceremony?  Nope, isn't going to happen. 

On another note, I washed and hung the socks out yesterday.  The wind came up and blew some of them around.  I'm beginning to think they are going to have to dry inside the rest of this year!

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