Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh Bother!

Yesterday morning and early afternoon were lovely, warm and dry enough that the landlord was out mowing the grass.

I wash socks (and bras) by hand and hang them on a wooden drying rack.  Because it was so nice, they were outside drying.      

Weather started moving in.  I forgot about the clean clothes!   I unplugged the power bars  -- yes, I know they protect from surges, but Serena's house in Colorado lost power and then lightening struck nearby, sending a surge through the house, killing her tv.  We were told and have noticed ourselves that this place tends to lose power during storms.  So I unplug the computers.  But I forgot about the drying (probably dry by then) clothes.

Anyway, I was reading and knitting when the storm hit with a whoosh!  One of those downpours that limit visibility.  THAT is when I remembered the clean clothes.  I ran outside (I may have been saying something like "oh s**t, s**t, s**t!" fairly loudly...)  and grabbed the dry rack.  More than half of the socks had blown to the ground, picking up dirt and pieces of grass.  It was hailing, I was soaked from the first moments of stepping outside.  The dry rack and the first load of wet clothes came in and the rack was set up in the bathroom.  Ran back outside for what I could see, came back in and rinsed all of the socks and hung them up again.  Later, after the storm I remembered that there had been a bra on the rack. Back outside, it had blown under the car.  It too needed a fresh wash. 

Now all of the socks and that bra are in the bathroom, still drying.  I need to go through and pick out all of the grass they collected and then probably wash again, to make sure all of the grit is washed away.


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