Friday, June 03, 2005

Another reason to dislike prednisone

Despite all the osteoporosis medicine, I have advanced to osteoporosis in the left hip. Huzzah (she says with great sarcasm!) I'm going to start one of the new medicines that is once a month for 18 months, then check again to see how the bones are doing. In the meantime, I need to do weight bearing exercise to encourage the bones along.

On the knitting front, I picked up the red silk afghan today, and worked on it. Shouldn't be too long before it is finished. I still haven't prioritized my to do list. Pretty sad when you must put THAT on your "to do" list, eh?

Yesterday I made raspberry bars (recipe available on request), did laundry, and all sorts of ambitious things. Today made up for it. Just never got going. But I did knit. I guess I have one on day and then next off.

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