Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I started reading/listening Harry Potter 5 yesterday and that has brought me back to my knitting. In other words, I'm making progress on my knitting! Whee! The first sleeve on Caroline's Sleeves In Your Pi is done but for the edging. Looking at what she had done, it looks as if she had changed the edging, so I need to wait to hear from her for that information. So, this afternoon I'll pick up the stitches for sleeve number two. Whee! I'm not sure why the picture has the pink tinges on that sleeve, as there aren't any on the actual sleeve! This is a Tahki cashmere blend yarn, really yummy!

Dora's sweater is almost to the underarms. I'm doing the Seville Jacket, but with the caveat that I'm going to steek the heck out of it. Still haven't decided how the edges will be done. The great information on the Ample Knitters Group was gone the last I looked, someone had done a lace/cable combination that eliminated a lot of the bulk. Any ideas? The yarn is a wool from Uruguay. It is so fantastic! I'm hoping that when Dora's sister ever goes back she'll buy more for me. It shows cables with such absolute delight that one would think it was designed for it! Can't wait to start my sweater with it! (Mine is green yarn.) I want to complete Dora's sweater first. Next picture will have something against it to prove size, as once again my picture is not giving you any clue as to dimensions. Stockinette curls so wondrously, you have no clue how big it is, right!

Howard's physical therapy yesterday was especially strenuous, and he is miserable today. He says he hurts as much as he did the Saturday immediately after the surgery. As he has PT again today, I'm hoping he is blunt to his therapist. Lots of ice and sympathy on my side!

And then I need to start some socks, as my socks are wearing out. Two pairs gave out by the end of spring. That either means I'm going to have to replace those two pair by fall, or wash some socks in between laundry days. We'll see. I do have enough sock yarn on hand, of course. grin I have a LOT of sock yarn on hand still, but the supply is slowly dwindling. Amazing how it does go down.

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