Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Knitting and such

The knitting is slowly moving along. I realize I don't have the foggiest idea as to how large a knitted baby blanket would be for a doll house. There is a real tendency to want this one to be done. You may see it bound off and completed tonight. If so, I'll try to get Howard to take a scan tomorrow.

On the Clapotis front, I found another -- UNTANGLED -- ball of yarn today, I think I may do the unthinkable! Cut the yarn I have in progress, attach the new ball, and work away at that! It would make good hospital knitting, and be less frustrating than trying to work away at a tangle while Howard is in surgery. Although, I suspect Dora's sweater may wind up the victim of that, as I can go around and around without paying any attention. We'll see. also possible that I'll just read a book. Who knows. I've not sat and waited for someone in surgery nearly as much as I've
been in surgery myself!

Wheezing today, which is annoying, as I've not done that for a while. Which also makes me tired and out of sorts. It isn't that hot, but my, does the house feel muggy! Let's skip dinner, have some frozen fruit, and forget it!

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