Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Clapotis Disaster

Clapotis and I went with Howard to get his stitches removed yesterday. I believe I had mentioned in an earlier post that the yarn had once again decided to slide off the ball and tangle in a heap? My plan was that would be a good time (as one always sits and waits at a doctor's office!) to untangle. This was the knitter's fault, I didn't contain the yarn as I was knitting it, something one should do with a slickery yarn. ALWAYS. I didn't. Now I'm paying for it.

Anyway, we drove down after 2 days of rain (talk about gauge -- we had 4 inches or 20 cm in 36 hours!) there was a heavy haze over the land as we drove at 7 in the morning for an 8:00 appointment. Do you see the error in my judgement?

So, we settled in to wait, I neatly put Clapotis (on the circular) in my lap and started untangling gently. It is a silk/rayon handpaint yarn, and I love the colors dearly. So I'm paying close attention to the work, not to anything else around me.

He was called back for the appointment. I jumped. Badly. In the process, I pulled about a tenth of the scarf off the needle. The stitches started running for the bottom. Howard just looked at me helplessly and said, "they called my name, are you coming back with me?" I gathered everything up and put it back into the plastic bag. When we got home, I took a picture. It is called, "I'm going to start over".

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