Monday, June 13, 2005

Iowa Sheep and Wool

Howard and I went to the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival Saturday so I would be able to find it Sunday. Then we figured a different way to get there on the way home. Which kind of cancelled Saturday's drive. But it was a fun outing together, and a nice drive around the state.

Yesterday I drove with the sun on the left side of my face, and drove back with the sun on that side of my face. I refuse to look in the mirror to check, but it feels a trifle sunburned. Howard hasn't mentioned anything, so I will take that as a good sign. I only made one wrong turn, going north instead of south, and figured it out within about 15 miles, so I wasn't late, thank goodness. Almost, but not quite. sigh I was doing so well too. Hey, the sign said Adel, so I followed it. Who was to know that it meant the other direction. There is a reason I'm terminally lost! Howard wasn't surprised at all that I turned the wrong way. I'll bet no one that really knows me was surprised either.

Sadly, there were no class members, people signed up for spinning, weaving, locker hooking, dyeing, or felting. All of the knit and crochet classes went empty, which really surprised the organizers. I was very restrained, bought very little. Howard did buy a few gift type things. I wasn't supposed to look, so I can't tell you what he bought. I almost bought more roving to spin with, but persuaded myself that I really need to use up more of what is on hand before I buy more. The stuff I liked felt really nice, but the colors weren't that great, which makes it easier to resist. One place had great knitting yarn, but the owner had such a high amount of perfume that it was easy to resist getting close. I just couldn't. But her colors! yum!

There is a place in Ames, I took her information (and bought some thread from her) that specializes in dyeing. Not dyeing as I usually think about it -- yarns and such -- but fabric or thread or clothing. She had variegated quilting thread -- wouldn't that be a trip for knitted doll house things!

I walked around the festival with my doll house knitting in my hand or pocket. Mainly in hand, as I made the mistake of putting it in my pocket at one point, with the points up. Stuck my hand in to retrieve it, and impaled my finger. Drat. Drew blood quite nicely, thank you very much. Something about bleeding all over white cotton thread. sigh No band-aids in sight, either. Finally stopped bleeding, knocked the scab off, and got the blood on the knitting. There is no justice. sniffle. LOL

I really wanted to stay longer, but as people started to move inside with their lunches, and the barbecue pits kept opening (with the garlic, onion and other seasonings wafting through the air straight into the building where I was), it became quite clear that it wasn't a smart idea. rats. I may need to rethink trying to teach next year. Called home to let Howard know I was on my way.

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