Sunday, December 16, 2007

3 and a bit days of knitting

I couldn't let that last bit of yarn go to waste! Really I couldn't! I knit the mitts first, then, because there was so much yarn left, I started the Moebius. I got near to the end of the yarn, and put a slip knot in it about 4 times the width of the scarf (because of the ribbing.) I had about 6 inches of yarn left over at the end. Sweater pics will come after Serena tries it on next week. I'll try to get pics of the mitts on a body, as they do look nice.
Have you ever noticed that yarn sometimes does NOT want to be something? I was knitting on the Moebius last night using a different stitch pattern. It just didn't go well. I finally frogged it and started over. It went so quickly at that point.

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